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Day 14: Little Love Letters

If I had class with you,
If I had math with you oh so many years ago,
I would have looked at you but only in glances,
In tiny peeks so you wouldn’t notice.

See, math you would have paid attention to,
So all the adoration I was not giving the formulas,
The steady flow of x and y on the board,
I would have shifted to you.

Notebook open, pen scribbling doodles,
Vines intertwined with meaningless curves,
But my gray eyes would slip upward,
Watching as you listened.

Childish ways would convince me,
That you were just too cool,
What could I even articulate,
And not sound as foolish as I felt?

My notes would fill with images,
Fantasies of what we might be,
Margins dripping with metaphors,
And the letters of your last name.

My poems would have been too sweeping,
Full of movie lore and stories.
My nature would have been too shy,
In the glare of your intelligence.

If I had class with you,
If I had algebra with you oh so many years ago,
I would have written you love notes,
That your earthen eyes would not have seen.

3 Responses to “Day 14: Little Love Letters”

  1. Jingle Poetry Says:

    Vivid imagination,
    love your word play and your wisdom in it.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. Jingle Poetry Says:

    Outstanding word flow.

  3. Nimue (@nimue) Says:

    Damn interesting !! loved this :)

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