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Learning about the “Uncanny Valley”

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First let me point out that I love learning new facts, words and theories.

Today, while at school, my kids were taking a test and I was so brain dead that I decided to read up a few things about my new semi-obsession Second Life and I came across the term “Uncanny Valley”. While Wikipedia might not be the most reliable source in the world, it is a good jumping off point for interesting terms.

Anyway, so the deal with the “Uncanny Valley” is that we, humans, respond well the humanoid robots but if they become too realistic then we loose all emotional response. At least, that is what I figured out in layman’s terms. Here is Wiki’s version (much better than mine):


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Free Hugs

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I could not get the video to work with my blog here, but follow the link below to some feel good stuff. *wink*


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