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My OCD is making me work on this page until I am at least comfortable.

The links are up, over there, on the right side and I am working on the galleries for my photography. Those are going to take a little more work for me to get up to an interesting level but they will get there eventually.

In my own greedy nature, you will also see, I added my amazon.com wish list and my livejournal (above). I haven’t decided if this new space is going to take the place of lj, so for now all it up and running.

I should really get some school work done and stop playing here. If you think you should be linked and I did not link you feel free to send me a little note.

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Another Face Lift

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The time has come for yet another face lift.

It seems I do this to my webpage about once a year and then I ignore it again. I am hoping to be more prompt and that this weblog style with links will become a better home for me.

Feel free to tell me what you think, I need feedback from good friends.

So, we begin again.

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